Seasonal Specials

Now that the clocks have gone back our wildlife prepares for colder times ahead.  Birds will finish their moult so that they have fresh feathers for winter.  Now is a great time to put out roost nest pockets for winter shelter.  Hoglets will need to put on enough weight to be able to survive hibernation, little ones found out in the day should be kept warm and rushed to your nearest hedgehog rescue centre.  Looking forward, now is a great time to sow wildflower seeds, while the ground is warm from the long summer germination will be quicker.  Winter spectacles to look forward to include starling murmurations and frosty spiders webs!

Hogitat in FoliageHogitat
hedgehog guide
Illuminated Hedgehog Feeder
Flat Pack Wooden Hedgehog House
Hedgehog Haus

Hedgehog Haus

Igloo Hedgehog House
Original Hedgehog House
Bat Attractor Pack
Garden Birds Attractor Pack

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